Accreditation - 06/19/2013

Accreditation for all participants will be from 11:00 till 23:00 on 19th of June in Industrial Palace right behind the entrance. If some team arrive on Thursday, they will come to Industrial Palace to infocenter, which is also right behind the entrance.

To the accreditation will come only teamleader or/with alternate team leader and they will choose accreditation stall with their language (English, German, French). There they will tell us name of the team, number of the team (from pre-registration and the invoice) and number of participants who actually come to Prague. If there will be any changes in the team, the team leader should give them in printed form. If they don't have the printed form, they will write them to the blank sheets. We will give them box with all backpacks, promo materials, badges and sport manuals. If the team don't have the participation fee paid, they will first come to infocenter, the same if they have any other problems.

Accreditation must be fast, cause we have more than 500 teams and short time for them.