Ano, Ano - Charity project


Dear sporty friends,

During our Games  preparations we got to know many partners, entrepreneurs and organizers. We asked everyone how and why they want to help us with preparations of ECSG.  In this we were intrigued by organizers of cycling competition who told us that they will use whole commission for charity. On basis of their enthusiasm we decided to join European Sport Games with this charity activity. We promise, that the we- organizers will donate to civic association ANO,ANO one euro  for every registered participant for charity purposes. It may seem little, but right now we have at least 7000 participants and that’s quite a nice sum.

And you can joint us too! Or in cash to the cash-boxes in Industrial Palace or before Games with bank transfer. If you’d like to public your donation during Games be so kind and write in the transfer message the team name.

With this I announce a fair competition about the amount of donation between organizers and participants. So? Who’s amount will be higher?

More details you can find in presentation of the project and in following video or by mail

I don't know how to switch the subtitles on....

BIC code / SWIFT
Address of the bank for international payments
Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Prague 1
Bank account owner: ANO, ANO


We look forward to meeting you!
Petr Bašus
Sofie Paggio
Ludmila Zachová
Executive director
Ano, ano