Dragon boats

Class division

  • Mixed "Open"


  • Sprint to 200 m
  • Pursuit race to 1000 m with a turnaround
  • Dragging

Race model

  • A Team consists of 20 persons + a helmsman and a drummer. There is a required minimum of 6 female paddlers pro team. If you wish to use our drummer, please contact us.
  • dragging team consists of 8 persons including at least two women. In this discipline paddling two teams against each other and winning team is team which overprints boat to the other side.
  • The race is on Thursday and Friday.

Entry Requirements

  • EFCS or IDBF memberships are NOT necessary.

Competition Level

  • The regatta is suitable for experienced paddlers as well as enthusiastic beginners
  • All crews will have some time to train before the race.

Rules and Organisational

  • The race itself will be organised by the Czech Dragon Boats Association – an affiliate EDBF member
  • The race will follow the international rules.
  • The racing key is subject to the final number of participants and will appear on this website
  • The list of competing companies will be published here after the registration deadline in April

Outlined Programme

  • 19.6
    • Arrival, Opening Ceremony
  • 20.6
    • Racing Day 1, Cultural Evening Program incl. a joint meal
  • 21.6
    • Racing Day 2, Cultural Evening Program incl. a joint meal
  • 22.6
  • 23.6
    • Departure


  • The registration deadline for Dragon Boats is the 21st April. The official ECSG January deadline (that you will find on the website) doesn’t apply for Dragon Boats as they were added to the program of the Games later on.
  • For registering please e-mail the coordinator of the race – Miss Anna Outratovaoutratova@ecsg2013.eu, who will send you the registration form.

Additional information and Contact

Sport facility

Those who are interested to participate in the Dragon Boats' races and are not able to pass a team of 20 people, you can contact us by email outratova@ecsg2013.eu, we will try to offer solutions. Teams that have more than 21 members may choose to substitute their paddlers during the day, or whether they want to add paddlers to other teams.

Partner - Czech Dragon Boat Association