Frequently asked questions

Why should I fill in the account number in the pre-registraction?

  • When we received payment without number of invoice,we don't know who send the money, so your account number will be helpful to find out.
  • We also need to know it when we will send you back money while somebody cancel participation.

I forget the password, but the reset link in email doesn't work.

  • Some of the email browsers don't support html links, so it is possible, that yours is one of them, you can try it to open the mail in the page of your mail klient, if you don't have this oppurtunity, let us know, we will reset the link manually.

When I want to log in to the registration, it said "Team doesn't exist".

  • Your team definitely exists, when you received pre-registration confirmation, but it is possible you write there some blank space and that is why you can log in now, try to copy the name from the confirmation, there is all right.

I save 3 teams/sports in the registration, but I can see there only one of them.

  • When you fill in all the names of one team/sport and press "Save" you still continue in the registration, so you have to press "Add team/sport" instead of rewriting the team!

I want website in another language.

  • Click on the flag in which language you want the website to run.

I don't have password.

  • You enter password in the preregistration and it is necessary to remember it, cause it isn't good to send passwords via email. If you forgot it please use "Forgotten password" link.

I can't save registration because of error with duplicite names.

  • This error will occure when you fill in to one sport two identical names of participant or team. So if you have two teams for one sport please name them differently.

I changed the number of sportsmen and I already got the invoice - will i get another one?

  • Please let us know about your changes, cause we have mor ethan 500 teams and we can't check the registration forms every day.

I already booked the accommodation and I have to cancel it. Can you assist me?

  • In case you booked it by our accommodation agency ESTEC with which we have good relationship, we'll make them make all efforts in negotiating with the hotels to lower you cancellation fee to minimum.

Till which date can I change the names and numbers in registration?

  • You can change the number of participants till 01/31/2013 when you are supposed to pay the whole amount, from 02/19/2013 we'll apply the fee according to the cancellation policy (see Basic information). Names can be changed till 05/19/2013, if you change it later or during the Games the participant will act under the previous participant's name.

The web page isn't displayed correctly.

  • We try to make the web page user friendly for the major possible number of browsers but your one might not be one of them. Please try to open our website in another browser, e.g. Google Chrome.

On your website in the list of companies is said, that we have lower or higher amount of participants, can you change it?

  • This you can change by yourself, the data is from pre-registration, so when you are in registration form you click to - Change pre-registration data and there you can change the amount of participants to the right number.

When we will receive back the overpayment?

  • Overpayments will be sent in May 2013, cause we are hoping that maybe some of your colleagues will join us.

Where we can fill in our arrivals/departures, because of the transfer?

  • From 04/19/2013 will be in the rgeistration form space for your arrivals/departures.

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