For Sponsors

Summer European company sport games 2013 will be the biggest sport event in Czech Republic in 2013. Five thousand representatives of company teams will come to Prague to participate in sport disciplines. Czech Republic will be the center of these company sport games, which connect Europe for many years.

First company sport games was in 1977 and they are repeating every 2 years. They become the event of European amateur sport. Every year the games have support from local chairmen of society life, president of NOC, mayors and wellknown sportsmen.

European company games also give an informal chance to establish business contacts and to find new business partners. Every event like this needs sponsors, the cooperation must be advantegeous for both parties, so we have a lot of activities for making our offer attractive for sponsors.

What we can offer to our sponsors:

  • Logo of our partner on every promotion materials, on website of EFCS,in bulletins
  • Also we can offer placement of main sponsors in the newspaper
  • Logo of sponsors might be in arenas
  • Placement of stalls right on the sports field or on the main habitats, through which pass daily all participants
  • Distribution of promotion materials and flyers between the participants