Individual and team tournament

Class division - individual

  • Men
  • Women

Class division - team

  • Men (can be women)
  • Women

Division - individual

  • Class A: 18 - 30 years old.
  • Class B: 31 - 40 years old.
  • Class C: 41 - 50 years old.
  • Class D: 51 – 60 years old.
  • Class E: over 60 years.


  • Lenght of the track: race to 12-15 km (individual and team) - with min. 20 check points, lenght is orientation, will be specified.
  • Racers will participatein 2 races (Thursday and Friday), each on the different track.
  • Team consists of 3 racers and results from individual race are counted.
  • The team category is Open and there isn't division by age.
  • In the men's team can start women (for example 2 men and a woman).


  • International rules are valid
  • We will use the SPORTident system, if you have a SI chip tell us the number of the chip
  • The scalo of the map will be 1: 10 000 and 5 m counter lines 
  • The starting time will be on website after the draw


Sport facilities

  • Hostivařský park (FRIDAY) Měcholupáček restaurant, Hornoměcholupská 300, Prague 15
  • Kavčí hory (THURSDAY), Na Hřebenech II 1062, Prague 4

Bigger map

You can rent a bike through our partner company Atombike, write them your demand and they will help you to choose a bike (please an email send with the subject ECSG and a copy of the email send to too. Price is approximately 300 Kč - 500 Kč /day + price for a transport (if you want to use the transport of the bike to the place of the race, total sum for transport will be divide among clients whose will use the transport (approximately 200 Kč/person/day with a rent of 5 bikes).

Rent of map holders is possible at the start of race, the price is 50 CZK (2 EUR)/day. Please make orders through email contact Limited number of map holders will be at start of race with the price 100 CZK (4 EUR)/day without pre orders.