Prague Towers

BIG ORIENTATION ADVENTUROUS GAME, 1000 steps on Prague towers

Date: Saturday  22.6. 2013

On foot, on a scooter, using public transportation, with a team or family, with your dog...

Prague Towers,

Alias big orientation adventurous game 1000 steps on Prague towers take its place on Saturday 22th June 2013. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the panorama of Prague Castle area above the Vltava river are admired by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Prague is well known for its number of turrets. Not for nothing it is called “Hundred-spire Prague”. Many of those towers recall the turbulent history of the city. Battles and conquering, floods, Black Death, executions as well as demolition of city-walls and massive development. It survived for centuries and shows us the craft of medieval builders and artisans up to the present day. Even further towers from time recently past beautify the townscape and present modern architecture. Prague Towers means whole-day entertainment, historical observational tasks awaits you! In the evening you can responsibly tell your friends: “I know Prague".

In Brief

  • orientation game for individuals, couples or whole families, the game makes a part of ECSG 2013 and Prague league of orienteering
  • duration - 4 hours, the choice of towers is up to you
  • meeting place: New Town town hall
  • presentation: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., the cards for marking the passage of controls and their descriptions will be given at the start
  • categories: A (only one category for everybody) the participants don’t have to complete whole route, but they have to be back in the limit
  • interval start from 10:15
  • direction of the game: the map with drawing of the controls will be given 1 minute before the start to each participant, he can choose a strategy and after the start he tries to reach as much towers as possible. IN THE AREA OF A TOWER IS FORBIDDEN TO RUN, YOU CAN MOVE WITH QUICK PACE ONLY! In the control point there’s a ribbon with pliers, with these you need to mark your control into your card. On the pliers there’s a number, the number of the pliers corresponds with one number on the card. In the control point you have to accomplish a simple task. Controls up in the tower are marked with blue colour, „the base“ controls are marked with red colour.
  • game rating: number of towers in the card will be summarised, the time limit is fixed and for each minute extra it will be penalized: 1st five minutes - 1 tower, 10 minutes -2 towers etc. The final placement will be evaluated first according to number of towers, in a tie according to the time.
  • results – will be continuously presented in the finish area and will be published on web site: and – everyone participates at his own risk, keeps the traffic rules and guidelines of our tower’s staff. Underage can participate only with the parental consent.



  • By public transport - station Karlovo namesti (subway B, tram 3, 4, 6, 10, 16, 18, 22, 24)


  • Registration is via your normal registration form to the Games. It is the same like Saturday run, you will Add sport/team and select sport Prague towers. Don't forget to Save everything!
  • On the Games you can register in the Meeting Point or directly at the start (without guarantee)



New Town hall, Karlovo namesti (square) 1/23, Prague

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